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OpenORM.NET is a code generation tool designed to be used as external tool in Visual Studio and Sharpdevelop. Currently tested with SQL Server, Access and SQLite.

NOTE: Examples for each DBMS are available in Downloads section.

OpenORM.NET window


  1. Generates C# code for a database-first abstraction model data access layer .NET library.
  2. Monolithic one-dll data access component.
  3. Database independent architecture.
  4. Generates Html Database documentation.
  5. Supports SQL Server, SQLite, and Access by now.
  6. Supports Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and db schemas (Depends on Dbms)
  7. Supports Lazy loading and relations navigation (Foreign key parents and childs).
  8. Supports characters as '.' (dots) , ' ' (spaces)  and so on, in database objects naming. 
  9. Supports transactions.
  10. Supports Lambda expressions.
  11. Uses parameterized query generated on the fly. (NO Stored procedures needed.)
  12. NO object oriented ORM, but with really low learning curve and fast coding experience. 
  13. NO Sdk needed, just .NET runtime 2.0 or superior, unzip and use!


See a detailed example:

Selecting from Tables and views

Executing a stored procedure

Inserting data

Updating data

Deleting data

Note: OpenORM.NET uses MyMeta from MyGenerationSoftware for DBMS metaschema information.

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